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Counselling offers you a confidential , non-judgemental space to talk about your life.

What happens in sessions will vary according to what you bring and what works for you.
You will be exploring your own experience and I am there to help you do that using whatever skills I have to facilitate you.

We may simply spend time talking and being with your current difficulties/distress. We may explore the past. We may look at what stops you making changes you would like to make in your life.
You may have habits in your physical behaviour or in your ways of relating to others that cause you distress and yet you seem unable to change.
You may be suffering the loss of or difficulties in a relationship or have a difficult decision to make.
You may be feeling depressed, lonely, isolated, experiencing an emotional or spiritual crisis or general unhappiness in your life.

Sometimes, simply being able to tell our story is enough. At other times deeper exploration of our pain is necessary.

Our relationship is an important part of counselling and we may spend time looking at what arises between us.

I see counselling as a means of supporting a natural process of growth and healing, of unblocking the capacity to to fully engage in and experience life, of freeing up the expression of potential including the ability to create full and satisfying relationships and of discovering meaning and purpose.
This may include exploring, grieving and healing new and old wounds, listening to inner conflicts and making new choices.
It is a journey of deep listening, to yourself, your body, your mind, feelings and soul.

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